Maintenance & Repair

Routine Maintenance

Keeping your Migun Physiotherapy Table clean is a vital step to ensure many years of problem free use. We suggest you inspect and clean the inside of the Table at least every 3 to 6 months.

– Inspect and replace as necessary the yellow tension covers.

– Gently clean the inside, removing all dust and dirt. Vacuum and use a dry paint brush to get to hard to reach areas. You may also wipe down with a damp cloth.

– Inspect and adjust as necessary, the tension of the timing belt.

– Do not oil or grease anything! This could cause damage to your unit.

– If the tension covers are not inspected and replaced when needed, it can result in damage to the power unit on the bed. It may also strip the gear box, since the Jade Head(s) may get snagged on a torn tension cover.

– Also, excess dust inside the product can result in more wear on the tension cover and stress on the moving parts.

For Service & Support

Important Repair Statement

Important Notice:  A new FDA Law regulating Class II medical devices, requires anyone who repairs, refurbishes, services or resells Migun Therapy Medical devices be registered with the FDA. This new law is designed to help ensure the safety, effectiveness, and quality of medical devices in the USA.

Currently the only approved and registered location for repair, refurbishment, service or sales of new or used Migun Therapy Tables is our corporate headquarters in North Carolina. All Migun products in the USA must be serviced or repaired at our FDA certified location.

The cost of repair and certification will vary depending on the condition of the Migun table and what parts are needed.

We strongly recommend, you only purchase a certified Migun product. A certified product will have the required FDA label with a barcode on the label and come with a warranty from Migun Life Inc. in Fletcher NC.

Original owners and those who purchase directly from Migun Life Inc. will receive free phone diagnosis for service issues.

Migun will NOT warranty any products purchased on Craigslist or eBay unless they are purchased directly from Migun Life corporate headquarters. Anyone else selling online is not a Migun representative. FDA regulations prohibit the offering of new or used Migun products or service parts for sale or lease online by anyone who is not FDA registered and certified.

If they claim they are associated with Migun, it is not true. Do not be fooled. There is no warranty on parts or service for any product bought used unless they are purchased directly from Migun Life Inc. and have the approved and required FDA label for re-certification.

Migun models HY3000, HY5000, HY7000, HY7000U and HY7000UM Metal Frame are discontinued.

There are NO new parts available to repair models HY3000, HY5000. These models were discontinued over 15 years ago, if they malfunction, they cannot be repaired. The HY7000 model has only limited repair parts available. 

We have repair parts available for the discontinued HY7000U and HY7000UM.

Customers have experienced fraud and bait and switch from products being sold by unauthorized parties who are not registered with the FDA on the internet. A customer bought what they thought was a 7000UM only to discover when they needed service it was an HY7000 with a new UM cover. Other customers have found other sellers replace the jade caps with other material like ceramic, helium bulbs replaced with regular auto bulbs; they have had products not work properly, were told the product they were buying was a Migun Table only to discover it was a different brand and the list goes on and on.

We are the only importer and distributor of Migun products and service parts in the US and Canada. Please contact us before you buy any Migun product to be sure of your purchase and to know if parts are available. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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