INTERNET WARNING: Important Notice

Be careful of online counterfeit sellers and imposters trying to sell Migun products. If the contact phone number in the ad is not 828-684-1800 or the website is not then it is not a Migun company, Migun company representative and in some cases not even a Migun product.

Migun Medical Therapy Products is the only importer and distributor of Migun products and service parts in the US and Canada. Contact us before you buy any Migun product to be sure of your purchase and to know if parts are available. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Any attachments or parts sold for Migun products by parties other than Migun Medical Therapy Products, in most cases are not genuine Migun parts. These parts and/or accessories have not been approved or tested for use in Migun products by Migun Medical Therapy Products, Migun Medical Instruments Company, or the FDA and use of these attachments or parts voids all warranties and may present safety issues.

The only authorized contact for repairs is Migun Medical Therapy Products at 828-684-1800 or 310-667-6684. Anyone else offering repair (even if they have repaired things for you in the past) is not approved or sanctioned to repair Migun products.

Service or repair by unauthorized individuals or use of parts that are not FDA approved or not original manufacture parts voids all warranties and all claims of effective medical results. The safety of your Migun products may be compromised if repaired by unauthorized parties with parts that are not original manufacturer parts.

The FDA regulates the offering of new or used medical products or service parts for sale or lease. We recommend you do not purchase from or seek service from anyone who is not FDA registered and certified.

Migun Therapy Tables are regulated Class II medical devices, and Migun Medical Therapy Products does NOT warranty any products purchased on Craigslist, eBay or other internet sites unless they sold directly by Migun Medical Therapy Products. Anyone else selling online is not a Migun representative.

Customers have experienced fraud and bait and switch from products advertised on the internet by unauthorized parties and companies, using websites such as Craigslist, eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, Made In China and more. Most of the items you see on these sites advertised as Migun are not Migun products. Check with us to be sure.

A customer bought what they thought was a 7000UM only to discover when they needed service it was an HY5000 with a new UM cover. Other customers have found other sellers replace the jade caps with other material like ceramic, helium bulbs replaced with regular auto bulbs; they have had products not work properly, were told the product they were buying was a Migun Table only to discover it was a different brand and the list goes on and on.

A Migun purchase is an investment in your health. Make sure you are purchasing a genuine Migun Product.

Discontinued Migun models:

  • HY3000
  • HY5000
  • HY7000
  • HY7000U
  • HY7000UM Metal Frame

There are NO new parts available to repair models HY3000, HY5000; These models were discontinued over 15 years ago; if they malfunction, they cannot be repaired. The HY7000 model has very limited repair parts available. 

We have repair parts available for the discontinued HY7000U and HY7000UM.

My 15 Jade or 2 Jade Hand-Held Device Does Not Turn On

Please try the following before contacting Migun:
1. Under the handle is a power switch with a white dot. Pushing the white dot on the switch is the “ON” position.

2. Look at the side panel where it connects to the Upper Unit. There is an illustration on the side panel sticker to indicate where each cord plugs into this panel. Make sure the cord is fully engaged into the proper location, and secured with the threaded, spinning ring nut.

3. Turn on your Migun and run a program.

Does your 15 Jade Device or 2 Jade Device light up?

A. 15 Jade DOES NOT light up:
If the 15 Jade Device does not light up, BUT the 2 Jade Device does light up, plug the 2 Jade Device into the 15 Jade port in the side panel.

Now, if the 2 Jade Device lights up while plugged into the 15 Jade port, then your 15 Jade Device needs to be sent here for service.

If the 2 Jade DOES NOT light while plugged into the 15 Jade port, then there are other internal issues for your Migun which require service. Call (310) 667-6684 for further instruction.

B. 2 Jade DOES NOT light up:
If your 2 Jade Device does not light, but your 15 Jade Device works fine, plug the 2 Jade Device into the 15 Jade port. If the 2 Jade Device lights up while plugged into the 15 Jade port, then there are other internal issues for your Migun which require service. Call (310) 667-6684 for further instruction.

If your 2 Jade still does not light up while plugged into the 15 Jade port, then it may be a broken bulb (if it were dropped), the on/off switch or the cord.

You may send your 2 Jade Device to us for service, or you can first see if it is a broken bulb by unscrewing the six screws and separating the cover to see if the bulb is bad. You can call us to order a replacement bulb.

The average cost to repair either one of these units is $125, which includes a new cord, temperature sensors and return shipping. If a new outside case with stickers is required, it would be a total of $200.

Be sure to include your contact information in your package, including your name, address, city, state, zip code, phone number and email address.

Repairs can normally be completed within two to three days from the time we receive your item.


My MIGUN Is Making A BEEPING Sound

The BEEPING sound is to inform the user of an imbalance within the Therapy Table. An error code may show up on the controller, such as “- -“ or “E1” or “E2”. Sometimes there is no error code.

There are four common areas that may be causing this error code:
1. The Upper Unit (head to tailbone massage)

2. The Lower Unit (leg massage)

3. The 15 Jade Light External Hand-Held Light Unit

4. The 2 Jade Light External Hand-Held Light Unit

5. Occasionally, internal wiring or the main Printed Circuit Board (PCB) may be the issue.

Until the problem area is identified, your Migun Therapy Table should not be used.

The following steps will help you identify the location of the BEEPING issue:

1. Locate the side panel where all the cords attach to the upper unit. There is a picture at each of these connections to illustrate the proper item that is attached here.

Unplug the connector cord to the Lower Unit

Unplug the 2 Jade External Hand-Held Light Unit

Unplug the 15 Jade External Hand-Held Light Unit

Leave the Controller plugged in or connected

NOW, Run program P5 with only the upper unit operating and listen for the BEEPING.

2. IF it completes the 15-minute program without the BEEPING, connect the Lower Unit and run P5 again.

3. IF it completes the program without the BEEPING, connect 15 Jade Device and run P5 again.

4. IF it completes the program without the BEEPING, connect 2 Jade Device and run P5 again.

This process will most likely identify where your beeping issue is located. If either the 15 Jade Device or 2 Jade Device is the issue, you can send them to us for repair and still operate the Migun Therapy Table without them.

If the Upper Unit or the Lower Unit is the issue, we can provide shipping boxes with return shipping labels so that you can get your Migun shipped back to us for a certified repair. FedEx drops off and picks up at your location; you do not have to take it anywhere.

There is a shipping fee of $160 to $200 (depending upon your location). Migun will ship empty boxes to you. Once your Migun is packaged and labeled, you call FedEx to have your Migun picked up for delivery to us. We will provide a written estimate for repairs, and when the certified repairs are done, your Migun will be returned to you. Repair costs will vary based on the necessary repairs.

If you have any questions after you have completed the above steps or would like boxes sent to you for repair and service, please call us at (310)-667-6684.

We accept calls Monday thru Thursday 9 am to 7 pm, and Friday until 5 pm Eastern Time.

My MIGUN Massage Heads Stopped Moving or Error Code

If your Internal Jade Massage Heads stop moving and you receive an Error Code E2, E4, EZ, !!! or no error code on your controller, you may need to replace your Limit Switches. Usually, the Jade Heads will be stopped at the top or the bottom of the unit.
There are two Limit Switches on the Upper Unit (back massage) and two Limit Switches on the Lower Unit (Leg massage), for a total of 4 Limit Switches inside your Migun Therapy Table. These are replaceable switches that have simple male-female connections.View a video on how to locate and replace the Limit Switches.

The Limit Switches are located at opposite ends of the internal metal track. Once the moving massage heads run into the switch, it will reverse direction, and therefore one switch is at the top of the track, and one is at the bottom of the track.
To locate the Limit Switches:
1. Unplug your Migun Bed, unzip the outer cover and move it out of the way.

2. Loosen the yellow/gold tension netting. The elastic bands at the end of the tension net stretch to allow the removal of the tension net. Flip or fold the ends of the Tension Net toward the center, to expose the Limit Switches.

3. Now may be an appropriate time to vacuum the dust from inside the unit.
4. Look for the white/almond color switch at either end of the track. They are held in place by a black plastic bracket with two screws.
If the massage head has stopped at one end, push the button on the Limit Switch that is visible at the opposite end of the track. Push the button in and out a few times to see if the connection inside the switch was stuck from dust or other debris. Reconnect the tension netting and zip the outer cover closed.

6. Plug your Migun back in and run program P5.

7. If it is moving again, the Limit Switches may need to be replaced.

8. Order new Limit Switches here. It is best to replace all four at the same time since they are the same age, and usually fail within a short period of time from each other.

You can call the Migun service line at (310) 667-6684 during normal business hours Monday thru Thursday from 9 am to 7 pm, and Friday from 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time if your Migun Jade Massage Heads are still not moving.

My MIGUN Therapy Table Will Not Turn On

The following steps may help you before contacting Migun for service:

1. Make sure the wall outlet has power. The best way is to plug a working lamp into the outlet you are using, and then take the lamp out and plug the Migun power cord into the same outlet opening.

2. Make sure the power cord in pressed firmly into the side panel of the Migun Therapy Table.

3. Push the power button to the “ON” position. The main power button is located on the Upper Unit front side. This is usually where you get on the Migun Table. It is directly opposite of the where all the cords plug in. The “I” is the “ON” position, and the “O” is the “OFF” position.

4. If you still do not have power, CHECK the FUSE.

5. Fuses are located within the black housing where the power cord plugs into the side panel.

UNPLUG your Migun Therapy Table!

On the HY7000UM models, unscrew the circular slotted fuse holders to expose the fuses.

On the HY7000U models, place a very small flat screwdriver into the slot in the center of the rectangular fuse holder and pry it straight out. This will expose the fuse.

The fuse should have a solid wire from end to end as you look through the glass tube. If there is no wire present or there is a “burn” mark inside the glass tube, the fuse has blown.

6. Please call us at (310) 667-6684 to order fuses or to discuss your Migun issue. Service hours are Monday thru Thursday 9 am to 7 pm, and Friday 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time.

My MIGUN Is Making A Noise, Jerking or Bumping Motion

If your Migun is making a noise or the moving jade heads stop, bump or jerk suddenly, your Tension Netting may be torn.
It is important to change the Tension Netting at the first sign of wear or else the Jade Heads could get trapped and break.
View a video on how to replace the tension net.

The following steps may help you before contacting Migun for service:
1. Make sure your Migun is turned off.

2. Unzip the cover and move it out of the way.

3. Is your Tension Netting torn and are the moving jade heads trapped or stuck in the open tear?

4. If so, carefully remove the Tension Netting and examine the Jade Heads and pivoting mechanism to make sure they are not broken.

5. Replace the Tension Netting. You can buy Tension Nets here.

Please call us at (310) 667-6684 to order fuses or to discuss your Migun issue. Service hours are Monday thru Thursday 9 am to 7 pm, and Friday 9 am to 5 pm Eastern Time.

Routine maintenance

Keeping your Migun Physiotherapy Table clean is a vital step to ensure many years of problem free use. We suggest you inspect and clean the inside of the Table at least every 3 to 6 months.

– Inspect and replace as necessary the yellow tension covers.

– Gently clean the inside, removing all dust and dirt. Vacuum and use a dry paint brush to get to hard to reach areas. You may also wipe down with a damp cloth.

– Inspect and adjust as necessary, the tension of the timing belt.

– Do not oil or grease anything! This could cause damage to your unit.

– If the tension covers are not inspected and replaced when needed, it can result in damage to the power unit on the bed. It may also strip the gear box, since the Jade Head(s) may get snagged on a torn tension cover.

– Also, excess dust inside the product can result in more wear on the tension cover and stress on the moving parts.

Replacing the Limit Switch…

Replacing the fuse on the HY-7000M…

Replacing the Tension Cover for the Upper Body…