Many medical professionals across North America have begun to incorporate Migun Therapy into their practices and businesses successfully.

Our success is rooted in the fact that very few non-prescription treatment options are available to people with chronic pain or chronic medical conditions. Migun therapy works! It has no side effects and takes very little time or effort on the part of the patient or professional. Migun Physiotherapy Tables are an FDA Class II medical device and help to dramatically improve chronic pain issues including chronic back pain, bulging disks, muscles spasms, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia and pain from car accidents and sports injuries. When used four times a week or more, Migun Therapy will help to lower blood pressure and help to better regulate blood glucose levels for type II diabetes. Many patients report improvements in digestion, sleep, menstrual, prostate and associated urinary symptoms. Migun therapy also improves energy levels and helps to strengthen the immune system.

Many professionals are successfully using CPT billing codes for Migun Therapy treatments. In addition to improving patient results, practitioners have discovered using Migun therapy prior to other current accepted modalities and medical treatments help improve patient outcomes. Your treatments will be more effective when used in combination with Migun’s deep far-infrared heat and muscle relaxation therapy.

Using Migun therapy for yourself will help to alleviate the aches and pains that come with doing physical treatments all day long. It will help boost the immune system and help to provide the much-needed relief from the stress that comes with being a professional and dealing with people who are in pain every day.

We offer training for medical professionals and full support if questions arise as you incorporate Migun Therapy into your practice.

The Migun professional package includes:

1 HY7000UM-W Physiotherapy Table
1 MG-3100 Mini Wrap Pain Relief Mat
1 MG-3600 Pain Relief Mat
50 patient education brochures for Pain Relief Mats
50 patient education brochures for Migun Physiotherapy Table
2 free tension net sets
1 Easy to use instructional poster
Free comfort padding, free Migun foot bands, and free phone support for any questions that may arise as you incorporate Migun Therapy into your practice.


Dr. Chang Sok SO, M.D., Ph.D., works at the University of California – Irvine. He and his associates ran three – 2 year studies determining the impact of the Migun system. He focused on various health issues and how Migun helped. The documents below show Dr. So’s research.

Preliminary Report of Health Outcomes and Side Effects

Physiological Changes Following Thermomechanical Massage in a Population of Hypertensive Patients and/or Type II Diabetics

The Effect of Thermal Massage on Human T Lymphocyte and Natural Killer Cell Function

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