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Feeling like I was home free, I returned from the doctor’s office with a 50% reduction in my blood glucose level. This resulted after a summer of using the Migun bed. Early on, I used the Migun bed twice a week. Later, I progressed to three times weekly, but because I learned of research on type 2 diabetes improving best utilizing the bed four times a week, I began in earnest before my next doctor’s appointment. Though I had always practiced other things, like exercise, a good diet, and attention to supplement intake, results did not take shape until I began the Migun sessions. More frequency made a hit. This is to say nothing of other improvements in my musculoskeletal, in my energy and my sleep patterns. So I purchased a bed, and I can’t wait for all the health I am going to acquire in the future…a super way to relax, heal and strengthen all at the same time!

March 9, 2017