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Almost immediately I felt greater energy and alertness. After some 16 sessions, I feel even more of this improvement, plus much improved digestion and elimination. Also, a lessening of problems with my prostate enlargement and lower back pain. A problem of nascent arthritis in the spine (I am 71 years old) is also becoming noticeably less. The spinal works with this process is enormously relaxing and pleasurable. In summary, I am put in a state of deep relaxation for the entire time-an ‘alpha state’ similar to meditation. To enhance this relaxed state, I find that the accompanying music is very important. The closer you can get to the so-called ‘Baroque-beat’ which is the secret of the learning enhancement method of ‘suggestopedia’ the even more effective the Migun treatment would be/feel. Even without that type of music, it’s ‘WOW!’

March 9, 2017