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As an owner of a Migun bed I am witness to the amazing benefits I received after I was involved in an auto accident on I-40. Riding as a passenger in my neighbor’s car, traveling east in the right line, a tractor trailer truck clipped the left rear corner as it cut into the right lane from the passing lane. This sent the car across the front of the truck and along the left side, banging all the way as we traveled in the wrong direction. My neighbor was able to turn us around so we were going east again and she got us onto the left shoulder banging into the guard rail. We were jerked around feeling like we were in a high agitating washing machine. My neighbor and I both used my Migun bed the next day and we both do not feel stiff. I am blessed to be alive and grateful not to feel the whiplash effects from the accident.

March 10, 2017