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Before beginning my visits to Migun, I had difficulty walking because of sore knees, my body was out of alignment, I had pain in my neck and difficulty breathing. After three visits my body aligned itself and my legs, that used to flop to one side when I got in bed at night, stayed straight and my feet stood straight up. My knee pain reduced and after I began to put the small hand-held device on top of me instead of under my neck, the pain was relieved in my neck. I have come in three times per week for months and am without breathing difficulties, and wheezing or knee and neck pain. Recently, I was unable to attend sessions for one week and noticed that my main-drain lymphatic areas were swollen, hot and congested. My neck began to hurt as did my knees and I was having difficulty walking and the wheezing had returned. With the first visit, I felt how sore I had gotten and as the machine went up and down my back I felt like I had ‘come back home.’ I walked out refreshed, calmed and relieved of all of these symptoms. I am grateful for this gift of healing; at this time, I am unable to purchase a bed, but have recommended it to others who now have one of their own. I thank those who give us this wonderful gift and those who purchase, for allowing me to continue to heal here. Blessings.

March 9, 2017