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46 years-old, 16 months of use, 4 time a week…

  • Lost 22 lbs in first 6 weeks, then leveled off
  • Less frequent urination immediately
  • Longer periods of sleep and better energy immediately
  • More stable moods from 6 weeks on (bipolar and seasonal depression)
  • Pain free and med free from 3 months on (degenerative discs from the wrist down)
  • Nausea following experience to chemicals (housepainter)
  • Slipped L5 disc-used program 3, three times in one day, disc went back in
  • 1 ¼ inches taller after 15 months- never been 5’8” to my knowledge
  • 20/20 correction achieved in right eye after 3 years of a sloppy 20/30. No medical explanation could be offered by examiner
  • Shoulder length hair-has been cut shorter due to breakage since age 10
  • Strong nails, clear skin and eyes, very frequently asked, ‘what are you doing different?’

March 10, 2017