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Thank you for introducing me to the Migun bed! I was a skeptic but your enthusiasm and belief in the health benefits of the Migun bed persuaded me to give it a try. I am a 68-year old retired ER nurse, a very physical job with years of sciatic pain, neck and shoulder strain that stayed with me until recently. I was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at age 30, retired at age 60 due to increasing foot drop, leg weakness and fatigue. I now have a Migun bed in my home. Activities of daily living still cause extreme fatigue, leg weakness and stiffness of my pelvis and back. Previously it would end my day. Now when I start to weaken I spend a half hour on my Migun and feel totally revived and ready to go! With MS, I expected that it was inevitable that I would be a prisoner in my body but the Migun bed has given me the freedom to be active again. I believe that MS patients could find improvement from the miserable symptoms of MS as I have with the Migun bed! A very sincere thanks.

March 9, 2017