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The victim of a head-on auto accident at 55mph in 1997 left me with seven herniated discs. I have spent 10’s of thousands on orthopedic and chiropractic care. The only relief from the pain has come from chiropractic care-and that was improvement, not total pain relief. Since that time, July 13, 2005, I suffered a horse related accident that left me with a torn rotator cuff, fractured arm and damaged left knee. Also, re-injury to my neck. My first Migun treatment was yesterday 10/22/2005 and for four and a half hours following my treatment I was totally pain free with total range of motion restored. I proceeded to go to my barn and totally overdo it-leaving me sore again but my treatment today once again restored me to pain free status with complete range of motion restored. Migun is astounding!

March 10, 2017