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I began ‘Migunizing’ in February and have made it a priority to visit each day the center is open. Beginning with dense padding on a basic bed, I have within three months progressed to an upgrade without any padding. Yahoo! Without presenting medical diagnoses since none was sought, I knew I needed help really bad! After the fourth visit, my state of ‘perpetual tension’ left. The next result was my solid slate-like back became pliable, with the realization that I actually had shoulder blades and a back of flesh and bone! Delightedly, the chronic pain down the back of both arms completely disappeared and now I can actually stretch my arms above my head and grasp the edge of the bed for extra stretching exercises. The lactic acid buildup which always astounded my massage therapist has now been resolved and the serious kinks in my shoulder muscles are 95% dissipated. Also, I was concerned that I had a bulging disc at L4 or L5 but whatever it was, it is no more! I know that my nails are growing stronger and I am confident that my overactive bladder is being corrected. And the list of improvements goes on and on and I am thrilled! Thank you, Asheville Migun Center staff, for your constantly kind, nurturing service, smiles and helpful recommendations which have brought me to my current state of improvement. I can’ imagine anyone who would not benefit from daily ‘Migunizing’!

March 9, 2017