Therapy Tables

The HY7000UM-W Migun Physiotherapy Table is cutting edge pain management therapy for in home and professional clinical use. Migun Therapy will help to improve most types of chronic pain with many users reporting the ability to reduce or eliminate certain medications… READ MORE

Pain Relief Mats

Migun Pain Relief Mats are technologically designed with Far Infrared and Negative Ions to provide exceptional pain relief, increase circulation and help to support the immune system. Users report less pain, improved prostate symptoms, better range of motion, improved circulation… READ MORE

For Professionals

Limited nonprescription treatment options are available to people with chronic pain or chronic medical conditions. Medical professionals across North America have begun successfully incorporating Migun therapy into their practices. Migun therapy works! It has no side effects and takes very little time or effort on the part of the patient or professional. We offer training for medical professionals and full support if questions arise as you incorporate Migun Therapy into your practice.


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Will D.

My eye sight improved after one treatment at 10% (near and far). I’ll see how it improves over time as I go outside today. Thank you.

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Andre G., Mesa AZ

My neck and back have improved tremendously. Also my circulation is a lot better. Thank you Migun.

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Deva F.

I am writing after having bought a Migun bed. As a result of chemotherapy and radiation, I was on a very high dose of non-addicting pain medication. I had just consulted with my doctor about further pain treatment options because I was getting worse. Doctors believed the damage to the nerves might be permanent. I heard about the Migun bed and tried it. A few days later I realized I had not taken a dose of pain medicine since!!! (I would usually take it as needed). I was surprised, amazed and delighted.

My roommate has had cold (icy) feet all her life. She would wear the heaviest available wool socks even in the summer, and would have to spend at least 20 minutes most days with her feet on a heating pad. She went with me to my first trial on the beds and has not had cold feet since!

My sister, who also accompanied us, has chronic severe tension throughout her body and, after some initial pain using the bed that first day, was able to relax and now feels much more comfortable.

We are all pleased to have the bed in our home. The staff at eth Asheville office are helpful and delightful. I have told everyone I know about the beds and would recommend it to anyone unless their doctor has cogent reason for them to avoid it.

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Nancy G., Las Vegas, NV

I felt fatigued before getting on the Migun bed. The bed gave me a spurt of energy that I haven’t felt in a long time. Some of my friends, also widows, and I, have been on another journey. I found more personal tranquility and my spirits have definitely been uplifted during my month on the bed. I had pain in my right shoulder, which traveled down my right side down to the buttocks/tailbone area before I started on the bed. Now I don’t have it anymore, only after a month on the bed. I had been carrying that pain around for about four years. I’m even sleeping a little better. I have a pool at home, but didn’t get into it much this year. A lot of my muscles have gone dormant. I love the bed!

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