Therapy Tables

The HY7000UM-W Migun Physiotherapy Table is cutting edge pain management therapy for in home and professional clinical use. Migun Therapy will help to improve most types of chronic pain with many users reporting the ability to reduce or eliminate certain medications… READ MORE

Pain Relief Mats

Migun Pain Relief Mats are technologically designed with Far Infrared and Negative Ions to provide exceptional pain relief, increase circulation and help to support the immune system. Users report less pain, improved prostate symptoms, better range of motion, improved circulation… READ MORE

For Professionals

Limited nonprescription treatment options are available to people with chronic pain or chronic medical conditions. Medical professionals across North America have begun successfully incorporating Migun therapy into their practices. Migun therapy works! It has no side effects and takes very little time or effort on the part of the patient or professional. We offer training for medical professionals and full support if questions arise as you incorporate Migun Therapy into your practice.


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Wow. Thank you! After 3 sleepless months due to lower back pain and sciatica I have had the first consecutive three nights of sleep! Ahhhhh. I have also noticed that I’m ravenous for healthy food, especially greens. AND, I crave this 30 minutes of time to relax and breathe…I no longer crave nicotine, caffeine or sugar. Humph. I’m sold. After only a week. Thanks.”

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Kathleen B.

I am 56 years-old, have Rheumatoid arthritis and also, because of a displaced rotator cuff of my left should, have been experiencing numbness in my left arm. I have been visiting the beds twice a week and the results have been great. I no longer have the numbness in my arm and have been able to stop the physical therapy I was going to twice a week. It has also helped my RA, especially in my legs and feet. I am hoping to increase visits to at least three times weekly, and look forward to even better results.

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I was nearly killed in a bad car accident 22 years-ago and have had chronic pelvic pain. I had my first Migun treatment today and it was my first day with no pain and I had freer lower body movement.

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Maurie M., Tempe, AZ

I have had two surgeries on my shoulder. I’ve had a car accident in 1998. I was beginning to feel pain again in that shoulder and I thought I was going to need another surgery to relieve the restriction. After about 15 Migun sessions, the movement has returned and there is much less discomfort. I am also able to sleep better at night.

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