Focused Ultrasound Skin Rejuvenation


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Firmer skin with Focused Ultrasound offers professional results at home.


Quick and easy to use!





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Experience firmer, more youthful skin with easy, quick at-home treatments. The Artemis/Nucabo Magasonic Super Focused HIFU is a compact in-home treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Quick and easy to use!

Ten minutes two times a week will provide smoother, lifted, more youthful skin.

Regular use stimulates the skin’s dermal layer to obtain facial lifting effects.





Focused ultrasound energy facilitates skin rejuvenation in the epidermis, dermis, and SMAS layers and cellulite reduction in the subcutaneous layer.








The thermal coagulation point reaches 60~80˚ instantly at the intended depth of 1.5mm to 3mm.

This energy stimulates the four natural healing stages, leading to firmer, more youthful skin.







  1. How often do I have to do a treatment?  Once or twice per week, periodic treatment can be done to achieve the best results.


  1. How much time does a treatment take? Generally, It will take approximately 10 minutes to treat the entire face.


  1. Does the treatment hurt? There might be a very slight tingling and warm feeling.


  1. How long do the effects last? 10-minute treatments make it easy to maintain effects. Results may vary depending on lifestyle and environment.


  1. What precautions are there after a treatment? Do not wash your face with hot water on the same day after your treatment. Drinking alcohol or using a sauna is not recommended within 1 week after the treatment. It can affect the internal skin’s thermal energy works.



1 Artemis HIFU Machine

1 Cartridge

1 Ultrasound Gel

10.5″ x 9.25″ x 4″ (265 mm× 235 mm × 100 mm)

2.5 lbs (1.14kg)

DC 110V~240V/ 50Hz/ 60Hz *This unit operates on 120V/60HZ

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 17 × 11 × 5 in