Floor Model: HY2100 Migun Therapy Table (Migun Bed)


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Only available Gold/yellow cover (Black cover is sold out)

Cutting-edge therapy for chronic pain, stress, and anxiety

Floor models, used in our showroom for demonstration during training events

Very lightly used

Full one-year warranty

May have slight cosmetic defects

Quantities are limited




90% of users report improvement in chronic conditions and reduction of pain. 

Twenty far-infrared individually heated jade massage and acupressure probes work under your body along a scientifically engineered track to reduce pain, relax muscles, release toxins, reduce stress, reduce anxiety, balance the autonomic nervous system, encourage correct posture, and improve sleep.










Heated massage and acupressure for the spine and the legs.



HY7000UM Refurbished Factory Certified Migun Therapy Table



External jade handheld projectors provide seventeen additional far infrared heated jade probes to help customize your treatment.




A  metal folding frame with handles means minimal assembly is required.






Upgraded material in the center panel with flexible fabric allows the far-infrared light, also known as red light therapy, to penetrate deeper.






An easy-to-use digital controller with an adjustable temperature display (in Celsius) ranging from 40°Celsius to 60°Celsius (104°F to 140°F)



Lab testing shows Migun Therapy Beds emit up to 95% more far infrared than competitors.


Program 1

Back and leg massage.

Performs acupressure and massage evenly along the spine.

Applies massage and acupressure to the legs.

Program 2

Back and leg massage.

Concentrates more massage and acupressure work on the upper back area.

Applies massage and acupressure to the legs. 

Program 3

Back and leg massage.

Concentrates more work on the lower back. 

Applies massage and acupressure to the legs.

Program 4

Heavy acupressure combined with a little massage.

Applies more acupressure to the spinal ganglia than any other program.

Applies massage and acupressure to the legs.

Program 5

Back and leg massage.

Performs massage only along the back. (no acupressure) 

Applies massage and acupressure to the legs.

Program 6 

Abdominal or lower back massage.

Lying face down, massage, and acupressure are applied from below the ribs to the pelvis.

Lying on your back, massage and deep acupressure are applied from the mid to lower back. 

There is no leg massage option with this program.


Health Professionals rated Migun Therapy effective for 75 % to 95% of their patients


1 Migun HY2100 therapy table – (spinal unit and leg unit)

1 Metal folding frame with handles

1 Fifteen jade probe far-infrared heated external projector

1 Two jade probe far-infrared heated external projector

1 Comfort padding for beginners and sensitive users

1 Center strip cover

7 Different programs, including an abdominal massage and a manual mode.

1 Digital remote control (Temperature display in Celcius)

1 Remote control holder

1 Connector cord for upper to lower unit connection

1 Power cord

1 Owners Manual

One year warranty


Studies show regular Migun Therapy helps to improve overall health and well-being. 


Consult your physician before use if you have any of the following conditions.

Malignant tumors

High Fever

Visual problems

Artificial organs or skeletons

Reactive skin disorders such as prickly heat, photo-allergic dermatitis, excessive allergies


DO NOT USE if you have the following conditions

Fractures or suspected fractures

Fused Discs or implanted scoliosis rods


Metallic implants

Pacemaker or ICD (Internal Cardiac Device)



Many users report the ability to reduce or eliminate medications.


79″ X 28″ X 17″  (2007mm x 711mm x 432mm)

Shipping weight: 165 lbs (75 kg)

Power consumption: 120V-60HZ / 269W

Temperature: 104°F – 140°F (40°C – 60°C)

Weight limit: 382 lbs (172 kg)

Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixture with air or with oxygen or nitrous oxide 

See the owner’s manual for additional safeguards and guidelines.

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